Bomi K. Lee

Bomi K. Lee

Ph.D candidate

University of Iowa


I am a Ph.D student of political science at the University of Iowa. I received my B.A. in political science and M.A. in international relations from Seoul National University. My research and teaching interests include international conflict and cooperation, international rivalries, and political methodology.


  • International Conflict and Cooperation
  • Interstate Rivalry
  • Network Analysis


  • PhD candidate in Political Science

    University of Iowa

  • MA in International Relations, 2013

    Seoul National University

  • BA in Political Science, 2011

    Seoul National University



Graduate Student Instructor

University of Iowa

Jan 2020 – May 2020
Taught Analyzing Political Data.

Statistical Consultant

The Iowa Social Science Research Center, University of Iowa

Aug 2019 – Present

Lead workshops:

  • Introduction and Data Management Using R
  • Network Visualization Using R
  • Network Analysis Using R


Network Visualization using R

Provide a series of examples from raw data to graph visualization in the igraph and Statnet frameworks.

Data Management using R

Covers a basic introduction to the R programming language. Introduce the RStudio interface, syntax, script files, basic functions, and how to manage single and multiple datasets.



Climate Bones of Contention

Do precipitation and temperature deviation and volatility affect interstate conflict?

Triangles in Networks

Does a triad of two enemies and one friend (the enemy of my enemy is my friend) last longer?

Working Papers

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Triangles, Major Powers, and Rivalry Duration

Why do some interstate rivalries last longer than others? Most rivalry literature focuses on the dyadic interactions within rivalries …

Recent & Upcoming Presentations

Beyond a Dyadic Approach-Centrality, Triangles, and Rivalry Duration

In this paper, I focus on international rivalries as a negative tie network and apply network concepts to models, particularly, …

Recent Posts

Making Network Animations Using NDTV package

The following commands are for making a network animation (moving networks) using R packages statnet and ndtv. Load packages library(statnet) library(ndtv) library(rio) library(knitr) Load data riv <- import("C:/Users/bomim/Documents/website-hugo/content/post/toyriv.dta") vtx <- import("C:/Users/bomim/Documents/website-hugo//content/post/node.


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